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Ever since René Redzepi’s influential Noma restaurant put Copenhagen on the finedining map – winning best restaurant in the world four times in the San Pellegrino awards between 2010 and 2014 – the Nordic city has been dubbed Europe’s gastronomic capital. But it’s the evolution of the food scene since then that has turned it into a true culinary destination. Some call the latest cooking style post-Nordic: a more relaxed version of the New Nordic food revolution that Redzepi inspired. There is still a focus on seasonal local produce and originality, but post-Nordic embraces difference as well. The city has grown up and there’s a camaraderie and openness that has emboldened chefs and others to test boundaries. Californian Matt Orlando, a former Noma head chef, says this attitude is why he chose to stay in town and opened his own restaurant, Amass, with its idiosyncratic blend of super-high-end dishes coupled with a super-casual attitude.


Copenhagen’s tourist office trumpets the city’s 18 Michelin stars across 15 restaurants, but what gets people like Orlando excited is what’s happening at the other end of the dining spectrum. Collaborations, pop-ups, street food, even a taco stand where some of the world’s best chefs (Orlando included) do guest gigs. You’ll find something for every taste: there’s artisan beer, bread, coffee, organic everything and extremely talented people applying their skills and knowledge to simpler offerings, be it the perfect avocado bread or reinvented classics including hotdogs and the typical smørrebrod (open sandwiches). There are hotspots all around this compact city: in Kødbyen (the meatpacking district), in the centre around the Torvehallerne food halls, or to the north in Nørrebro, where the first burst of creativity helped transform the streetscape.

In the northern part of the city lies the neighbourhood of Nørrebro, where edgy style has replaced dereliction without sacrificing a multicultural vibe. Locals still call it Nørrebronx in honour of its reputation for gangland shootouts, but the area has gone...

In a city of an estimated 600,000 bicycles, the concept of ‘meals on wheels’ takes on a whole new meaning. You can go almost anywhere on a bike in Copenhagen, and everyone does,...

People in Copenhagen talk about ‘before Noma’ and ‘after Noma’, and it’s impossible to overestimate the effect René Redzepi and his game-changing restaurant have had on his hometown...

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