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Taste enthusiast? Life explorer? You’ve come to the right place. Wherever you are, be inspired by S.Pellegrino’s explorations on food, fashion and design and start your own itinerary.

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Gourmet Street Food from Around the World

Simplicity, speed, but above all quality: this could be the “magical formula” of the new


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Blue in fashion

Blue. Immortal eleganceBlue, a symbol of armony, balance, peace; certainly and


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Hygge factor. When design generates happiness

The hygge factor! Unfortunately, there is no exact translation for this term because it


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City Guides

A journey through local flavors


Among the food Cape Town can claim as her own, there’s the waterblommetjie (small water flower), or Cape pondweed, which is often slow-cooked with

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Secrets of taste

Taste Inspirations

Secrets of taste

A stroll through the history of the most beloved ingredients

Few fruits have the cultural resonance or play such a central role in literature and religious iconography as the pomegranate.

From the bible to the Qur’an, Arabian Nights to the Greek myth of Persephone, the pomegranate, with its unusual structure and fleshy, blood-red seeds and juice have captured the imagination over centuries and become an integral ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Travel in Central or South America and you’ll find it hard to avoid the succulent and once- considered sacred avocado, not only because these fruits are often the size of footballs in their native territory, but because they’re loved and cherished in the regional diet.

Think of South American cuisine and razor clams are not likely to be the first thing that will spring to mind – especially when the continent’s litany of colourful street food, grilled meats, stews, salads and soups are so well-­‐known. But the region’s seafood and, in particular, its razor clams –“navajas” or “navajuelas” in Spanish-­‐speaking countries – are one of continent’s best-­‐kept secrets.

“The Distillers have found out a way to hit the palate of the Poor, by their new fashion'd compound Waters called ‘Geneva’, so that the common People seem not to value the French brandy as usual, and even not to desire it.” So wrote Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe in 1726.

Taste Origins

Tales from Taste lovers

Once Upon a Bite

Carmen Miranda and her fruit hats

In the opening scene of The Gang’s All Here, the most expensive movie made by Twentieth Century Fox in 1943, a steamship called the SS Brazil is relieved of its cargo.

Carmen Miranda and her fruit hats