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Taste enthusiast? Life explorer? You’ve come to the right place. Wherever you are, be inspired by S.Pellegrino’s explorations on food, fashion and design and start your own itinerary.

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A journey through local flavors

Street food

As many Santiago neighborhoods are compact and easily walkable, street food can be found all over the city, from the wealthiest di

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Secrets of taste

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Secrets of taste

A stroll through the history of the most beloved ingredients

Travel in Central or South America and you’ll find it hard to avoid the succulent and once- considered sacred avocado, not only because these fruits are often the size of footballs in their native territory, but because they’re loved and cherished in the regional diet.

Think of South American cuisine and razor clams are not likely to be the first thing that will spring to mind – especially when the continent’s litany of colourful street food, grilled meats, stews, salads and soups are so well-­‐known. But the region’s seafood and, in particular, its razor clams –“navajas” or “navajuelas” in Spanish-­‐speaking countries – are one of continent’s best-­‐kept secrets.

Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher born in 551 BC, was something of a foodie. In his famous Analects, a collection of his sayings and ideas, he outlined some rules to eating that wouldn’t look out of place today.

Eat only at mealtimes, he advocated. Know the source of your food, eat meat in moderation, eat only food that is in season and do not drink to excess. All very modern.

Eating oysters, the French poet Léon-Paul Fargue once said, was “like kissing the sea on the lips”. Anyone who has consumed one of said molluscs will know exactly what he meant. The salty, slightly sour ozone taste of a freshly shucked oyster contains the distilled essence of the ocean.

Taste Origins

Tales from Taste lovers

Once Upon a Bite

Carmen Miranda and her fruit hats