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While Michelin Star chefs are keeping their gaze firmly fixed on the future,


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Whether you are looking for a romantic token, or show stopping heirloom, London’s fashion-


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A journey through local flavors

Nevsky Prospekt

The beating heart of St Petersburg, the roughly 3 mile (4.5 km) long Nevsky Prospekt has been the centre of the c

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Secrets of taste

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Secrets of taste

A stroll through the history of the most beloved ingredients

Any visitor to Russia will soon encounter a stalwart of the country’s culinary scene: beetroot.

Early settlers to South Africa brought ingredients and culinary traditions that have taken root and come to form the diverse cuisine of the Rainbow Nation.

Beyond the winelands of Franschhoek, which were planted by French Huguenot refugees in the late 1600s, there is the Cape Malay community, originally from Indonesia and drafted in by the Dutch to work.

Few fruits have the cultural resonance or play such a central role in literature and religious iconography as the pomegranate.

From the bible to the Qur’an, Arabian Nights to the Greek myth of Persephone, the pomegranate, with its unusual structure and fleshy, blood-red seeds and juice have captured the imagination over centuries and become an integral ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Travel in Central or South America and you’ll find it hard to avoid the succulent and once- considered sacred avocado, not only because these fruits are often the size of footballs in their native territory, but because they’re loved and cherished in the regional diet.

Taste Origins

Tales from Taste lovers

Once Upon a Bite

Leo Tolstoj and Lemon Anke Pie

Filled with a rich, creamy blend of butter, sugar, eggs and the juice of three freshly squeezed lemons, Anke Pie was Russian author Leo

Leo Tolstoj and Lemon Anke Pie