Victoria Smith
29 Aug 2016

San Francisco is a dream destination for food enthusiasts. An abundance of fresh, local produce and seafood —coupled with some of the world’s finest chefs—presents endless dining options in the city. San Francisco is filled with great restaurants, so great that many of them require hard-to-snag reservations or an exceedingly long wait for a table. But why wait? Those restaurants are amazing, but the city is home to so much culinary talent—and so many nontraditional venues—that underground dinner clubs and pop-ups might better provide the Bay-area dinner of your dreams.


These social dining clubs serve cutting edge, gourmet eats in a more intimate, unique and engaging setting. Dinner clubs like Feastly, as featured here, take chefs out of the restaurant and treats diners to unconventional meal experiences they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Locations can be anywhere—a chef’s home kitchen, inside a Victorian home or an art gallery, on a boat. These meals are often themed and typically incorporate local ingredients—especially ingredients unique to the area, that you couldn’t get anywhere else. And while you connect with new friends at shared dining tables, you get to hear the chef’s story as you enjoy each course. Many times, the meals come paired with wine or a premium beverage—included in the ticket price.


Supper clubs offer new, emerging and even established chefs the creative freedom to try out new innovative dishes and test alternative dining concepts. And guests get an exciting opportunity to be first-in-the-know, to be in the kitchen with these chefs, to try new and adventurous dishes—and maybe make new friends, too.


Access to these dinner clubs is typically through word-of-mouth, by signing up on dedicated email lists or through social media— so a unique culinary experience is just a click away.








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