Erica Choi

Erica Choi is a NYC-based Art Director and Designer delivering for luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands in the digital space. She is also a blogger at Egg Canvas, a style and travel website.

15 Nov 2016
New York seems full of hidden places only the locales are aware of, but this makes for one of the many joys of this city. The following are a few of my favorite places that I frequent in the summers when the weather is warm as they are situated in...
29 Aug 2016
Williamsburg, Brooklyn has long been recognized as a hotspot for hip places to eat, shop, and hang out. Most weekends, I find myself wandering the Williamsburg streets, trying out a buzzed-about new restaurant, checking out a unique storefront or...
19 Jul 2016
For centuries, people of all ages have enjoyed ice cream around the world, from traditional scoops to frozen yogurt and even Japanese mochi. Ice cream’s Italian counterpart, gelato, is a food fixture for locals and tourists year-round, revered...

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