Grasie Mercedes

Grasie Mercedes is an actress and style blogger from NYC, living in Los Angeles, pursing her dreams in entertainment & fashion. Her blog STYLE ME GRASIE offers Grasie’s personal take on everything from beauty and style, to home and travel.

A traditional Hawaiian appetizer has turned into a huge trend in Los Angeles and poke shops are opening up all over the city. It’s a quick, delicious and healthy option to fast food, so it makes perfect sense that LA would welcome the dish...
Abbott Kinney is famously known as the place to go in Venice for great restaurants, kitschy to upscale shops and First Friday! First Friday is a food truck focused event with select shops open late, happy hours at some restaurants and special events...
Runyon Canyon, long regarded as the go-to hiking spot for Los Angeles residents, has been temporarily closed. Though it will be open again soon, Angelinos everywhere are seeking alternatives for their daily (or weekly) cardio plans. As a many-time...
Los Angeles has a lot of great neighborhoods, but Highland Park is a standout based on the wonderful array of shops, restaurants and bars that have opened there in such a short time. Located on the northeast side of LA, Highland Park is experiencing...
Farmer’s markets are a popular thing in Los Angeles but what I love about the Silverlake Farmer’s Market is its mix of food, fashion and home. While there are loads of delicious produce to choose from, there are also great vintage...
If you live in LA and are a dog lover, you MUST visit The Huntington Dog Beach. It’s a stretch of beautiful beach where dogs can run free of leashes; it’s a slice of doggie heaven on...

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