Justin Livingston

Justin is a digital strategist and freelance writer with a focus on fashion and travel. His passion for style was born in Mississippi and bred in New York City, where he currently resides. Justin spends his days scouting out new discoveries for readers of his lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen. He has three main loves: whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs.

15 Nov 2016
There’s nothing quite like the weekend. After five days of professional focus, you get 48 hours to do as you wish: take a hike upstate with a loved one, meet for a brunch that eases into sunset happy hour, or make a pillow fort and binge on...
29 Aug 2016
New York boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, but did you know that some of these award-winning culinary experiences also include a few street-side vendors? Eating from an authentic street cart is a universally gratifying...
19 Jul 2016
Twenty-four hours in New York City isn’t nearly enough, but sometimes that’s all you’ve got. With over 24,000 restaurants, hundreds of museums, and nearly four dozen performances happening daily, New York City offers tourists an...

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