Shayna Batya

Shayna Batya is a Miami based artist who focuses on documentary photography and environmental portraiture. She enjoys the kindness of strangers, long flights and Tikka Masala.

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing Miami design is the famed Art Deco style. Miami’s collection of Art Deco is unlike any other city in the world. So much so, there are laws that prohibit the destruction of these 1920’s...
When navigating around Miami, many residents and visitors grab a cab, ride-share or drive to get from point A to point B. However, Miami has all sorts of public transportation options which offer a unique perspective of the city – and the...
When looking out the window as you touch down in Miami, you may notice that our city is completely surrounded by H2O. A hard to miss sea of skyscrapers are nestled between bodies of water in urban Miami. Bridges bind the different corners of our...
Miami is going through a cultural evolution, and people are catching on. What was once known as a destination for late nights of partying is now recognized for its vibrant communities, terrific food, and artistic culture. Our city is alive all day...
Tropical and exotic fruits can be found all over Miami. You can buy them out of a truck on the side a road, at farmer’s markets, and you can even pick mangos from trees around town. But there is one tropical fruit in particular that is always...
Miami’s growing culinary scene has taken a huge turn over the last five years. As the nation’s favorite vacation spot, it’s no wonder why there has been an influx of unique restaurants. Sourcing produce from local Florida farms has...

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