Just Off the Magnificent Mile

Rachel Bires
29 Aug 2016

There is a mile long portion of Michigan Avenue that has been dubbed the “Magnificent Mile.” It houses some of Chicago’s tallest buildings, architectural landmarks and upscale shopping destinations, making it a popular draw for tourists. However, just off this main thoroughfare you’ll find some of the city’s best spots for a bite or a drink – without the crowds. Here’s a list of my favorites.


Tre Soldi


Tre Soldi is a Roman-style trattoria that is located just one block from Michigan Avenue. Everything on their menu is delicious and they also feature several healthier items like gluten-free pizza! Chef Jose focuses on seasonal items in his specials making each visit different from the last. My favorite thing about Tre Soldi is their happy hour special. You can get a Peroni beer and a pizza for just $10!



Coco Pazzo Café


Coco Pazzo Café, another great Italian spot just a block off Michigan Ave, stands apart for its focus on Tuscan cuisine. The café is a casual spin off of the upscale Coco Pazzo, located in River North. The light foot traffic on St. Clair offers a very relaxing al fresco dining experience on the restaurants patio. Make sure you order one of their house made pastas and a glass of wine from their award-winning all Italian wine list!



The Broken Shaker


Located within the Freehand hotel a couple blocks east of the Magnificent Mile, The Broken Shaker serves up some of the most unique cocktails I have ever had. Think in terms of “snap pea infused gin” or a “salted pretzel sazerak”! The Broken Shaker’s premier location is in Miami and has received great acclaim, including being named The 2015 Best American Hotel Bar award at Tales of the Cocktail. This bar is the perfect place to head after a long day of shopping or exploring the city. The street food-inspired bar menu is equally delectable (the wings are my favorite!), and you can also play a game of giant Jenga while listening to fantastic music!





A relatively new addition to the neighborhood, GreenRiver is especially off the beaten path. It’s on the 18th floor of Northwestern Hospital! You don’t quite know what to expect, but when you get upstairs you’re immediately welcomed with a hip and modern design that makes you completely forget about the sterile environment in which it is enclosed. In addition to the beautiful ambiance, the menu is incredible! Delicious American-fare, a cocktail menu structured around famous figures from Chicago’s history, and a terrace with a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. It truly is a hidden gem!




The Berkshire Room


Located in the lobby of the Acme Hotel a mere two blocks from the Magnificent Mile, the Berkshire Room is a cocktail lounge that specializes in “Dealer’s Choice” cocktails that are hand-crafted to suit the customer. While they do not have a full dinner menu, they do offer upscale bar snacks and desserts that are absolutely delicious and perfect accompaniments to their large selection of American whiskies, ryes, and bourbons. You can even enjoy your drinks in their “Whiskey Vault” room for a truly special experience!


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