Shayna Batya
19 Jul 2016

Miami’s growing culinary scene has taken a huge turn over the last five years. As the nation’s favorite vacation spot, it’s no wonder why there has been an influx of unique restaurants. Sourcing produce from local Florida farms has become a popular theme for restaurant owners, though some even have their very own green space close to the kitchen. The agricultural districts of Homestead and The Redlands are the main areas where Miami-Dade’s farms are located. A lot different from the rest of Miami, this farmland way out West is home to some of the freshest produce you can find in the Sunshine State.


A favorite household name to locals is Knaus Berry Farm. Famous for their sticky cinnamon rolls and u-pick strawberries and tomatoes, this place often has a line out the door for their fresh bakery products and yummy strawberry milkshakes. But you have to make sure you catch them in season, as they close for the summer months.



Not only does Knaus Berry supply tons of restaurants with their tomatoes and strawberries, but they also collaborate with business on the other side of town. The pop-up donut shop known as The Salty Donut has become a huge hit for foodies. The Salty Donut sets up shop from Friday-Sunday in a popular part of the Art District, Wynwood. The line is pretty crazy here too, so you’ll need to get there early enough or else the donuts will sell out!



Recently, The Salty Donut and Knaus Berry Farm collaborated on the ultimate treat, The Sticky Bun Donut, the best sticky bun you have ever had wrapped inside of a brioche donut, topped with pecan toffee rum syrup. Yum is an understatement.


The Miami donut craze is here to stay, as Salty Donut will have a permanent location soon enough.


Another popular Miami restaurant that embraces local produce is Mandolin Aegean Bistro. From the painted blue fence and bright décor reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast to the breezy outdoor seating covered in greenery, everything about this place is perfect.


Everything about Mandolin screams fresh, there is nothing on the menu I wouldn’t suggest trying.



It’s no wonder why everything is so fresh, the plot just next door to the restaurant is their very own garden.



Another spot with fresh ingredients that is fairly new to Miami is Izzy’s Fish and Oyster. The small and colorful oyster bar is located in the heart of Miami Beach with a friendly staff and large array of seafood.


Izzy’s prepares their green dishes in a non-traditional way, with an herb garden literally at the prep bar. They grow their herbs right inside of the restaurant.





Most of Izzy’s ingredients are purchased directly from Florida businesses. Including the delicious dessert menu, complete with a mini strawberry pie made with, of course, Knaus Berry Farm strawberries ;).

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