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Discover the town, one bite at a time

By Laura Goodman • The Gourmand


Far more to offer than just the Hollywood Hills (although these do warrant a visit), LA is a dizzyingly vibrant city filled with neighbourhoods so distinct and unique, they feel like miniature cities in themselves. Whether you’re strolling down Venice Beach looking at records and pottery, or rolling with the jet set over cocktails in West Hollywood – every day in the city has the potential to be totally different.


This is the capital of the West Coast, a creative hub, and that extends to the food, too. In LA, chefs tend not to worry too much about what people might think –they give things a whirl, powered by the sunny confidence of their city.

Despite its commitment to looking good, LA has always had a sweet tooth: bread pudding for breakfast, cinnamon on everything, blueberry muffins to go, ice creams on the sidewalk and malt shakes in the car. There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening on the sweet side of things –...

Downtown LA is the central business district, and until very recently, it was a wasteland of bland, glassy office blocks – but that’s all changed in the last year or two: there’s new energy, new art and very well-documented macadamia nut iced lattes. It’s the oldest bit...

Hispanic culture has been present in LA since the Pobladores arrived, the original settlers who founded the city in 1781. The culture is at the heart of the city, and plays a big part in making it so electrifying. The food is lively, fresh and exhilarating, in part thanks to the well-established...

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